807 Creative Space

807 Creative Space is a non-profit organisation which uses civic education, open and public spaces, cross sector collaboration and social innovation to bring together the wider community to engage in public affairs. We link art, academia, philanthropy, amongst other resources to support young active people in learning about and activating community spaces, and the eager members of neighbourhoods to the building of community. We support the development of community from the grass roots, encourage the self organisation, communication and collaboration of charity groups, government and the private sector, kickstarting society that is built on people, volunteering and open and diverse collaboration.

Projects in Guangzhou and Shenzhen

Guangzhou – Yile Community

The Yile Community experiment started in 2017. It started out to connect government, non profit organisations, higher education and the local community in creating and kickstarting societal change. This project is built on public art, opening up community education and making public spaces the nucleus, through holistic neighbourhood charity funding, making community education a part of the neighbourhood culture, promoting the creation and preservation of local culture, from 从而连结社区,营造互助、有活力的城市美好社区。

Location: Guangzhou, Haizhu District, Yile Road #95


Shenzhen – Xinxiu Community

Xinxiu Community’s ‘Social Innovation Lab’ was started in December of 2015, as an ** of community experimentation, exploring the city neighbourhood’s sustainability model. We hoped to encourage local participation, social work, designing and creating public spaces, organising active residents and cultivating local led community organising.

Xinxiu community’s social innovation lab acts as a bridge, a platform for resources, an experimental space, allowing everyone in the community – the elderly, youth, parents and children able to participate in the community and feel like they belong.

Work place: Guangzhou, Luo Lake district, Xinxiu Community, Xinxiu South, Block 11, number 301